BugTales Ep. 2: Brace yourself bug is coming

The mystic concept to regain control.

It’s time for BugTales. Let’s take the situation from the last time and check where the strange feeling comes from. After that let’s define how we can improve it.

The Shoulder Check

The problem was small and clear: One mandatory field in the registration dialog was missing. The solution was simple as well: One line of code. But the journey in between was huge and full of horror.

The Desire

We want to shorten the journey and make it more enjoyable. Like a superhero in a movie: a problem in front of you, zero hesitation, 100% control of the situation.

Our goal is to have a stable and maintainable software solution. If something deviates from that expectation, then we want:

  • Quick notification about the unexpected result
  • Traisability of the problem with comprehensible and reliable information
  • Freedom in the solution space with no/less side effects
  • Fast feedback loop from that change
  • Trust in the system before and after the change

The Horizon

Here is the way to achieve this, which insist of four parts:

  • Right Mindset
  • Readable Code
  • Rapid Feedback
  • Reliable Tools

For now we see a first ray of light on the dark horizon. Let’s make a step towards it. But this is a story for another day.